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Caring for your outdoor wicker furniture in Winter and Spring

Caring for your outdoor wicker furniture in Winter and Spring

Synthetic Wicker Furniture

High quality, synthetic all-weather wicker furniture such as ours can be left outside all year round. However, we do recommend taking the cushions in during the colder months and extreme downpours. Whilst our Sunny Guard outdoor, cushion fabric on our All-Weather Range is abrasive and weather resistant, it is not recommended to leave them outside during the harsher NZ winter months. 

Covered in Spring Pollen

While good quality synthetic wicker furniture is completely weatherproof, it doesn’t mean you should neglect it entirely. A short simple cleaning routine could work wonders, to eliminate the yellow dusty smattering of Spring Pollens. 
All your furniture including tables with glass tops can benefit from a hose down.  However, if your furniture isn’t close to a hose...Then a brush down will also help eliminate the signs of spring with the bristles from a soft tucking into those crevices between the wicker. It is recommended to brush pollens from the cushion fabric, Prior to turning on a hose!  The cushions covers all feature zips allowing them to be removed if necessary and washed.  However –
9 times out of 10 …cleaning of bird matter and pollens can be eliminated whilst still in place!

Natural Wicker Furniture (Plant Rattan)

We only recommend that our natural rattan furniture is used indoors only and certainly not in any damp cold environments. WovenVeranda recommends the following guidelines to ensure your natural wicker furniture maintains its appearance and condition. 
  • Keep it dust free – soft brush or old toothbrush works well
  • Make sure there is good air circulation – too humid and you may get mould and mildew, too dry and it will go brittle.

The key to wicker furniture both indoor and outdoor in NZ is to buy quality furniture as this will last you years to come. All out Scandinavian designed range in either synthetic or natural wicker is solid core cane throughout offering superior strength, stability and durability. Take a look here or call us on the Christchurch number of 03 423 3133