WovenVeranda Furniture is Scandinavian Designed, with ergonomic finesse. Offering a comfortable range in Synthetic or Natural Wicker.

Our product is a Solid Core Cane throughout all furniture items, optimising strength, stability, and durability.

Our Outdoor Furniture range is JUST that!!!
Synthetic UV Stabilised Wicker is woven upon aluminium framing of excellent quality. This outdoor wicker furniture is truly going to stand the test of time!

We offer a selection of Synthetic all-weather,  coloured wicker furniture with a cushion fabric choice …  You may personalise your order – You are not limited to what we have in stock!

Our Natural Wicker Furniture is grown to accommodate the classic look we’ve grown up knowing and learnt to trust for style and comfort! This totally Natural Plant Source is only suitable for indoor use and is accompanied by a 100% natural cotton cushion cover in cream.



This material is a Solid Core UV Stabilised Synthetic Cane. Strands of a Poly Carbon are woven upon aluminium framing and secured with stainless steel staples and screws - so there will be NO rusting! The “Solid Core” demonstrates constancy and endurance. (Also See Framing) 

This amazing product is designed for a varied, but harsh European environment - coping with the extreme cold to high UV rays, thus accommodating our NZ weathering elements with ease!

The Wicker is a Polymer – A Synthetic Resin. 

A combination of Polyurethane and Polypropylene. 

Properties of the blend have been scientifically investigated and measured for higher mechanical strength, impact resistance and water absorption.

Both the Polyurethane and Polypropylene polymers are 100% PURE!

This is a positive, huge contributory factor to the effectiveness and longevity of the material within all climates.  

There is NO recycled Polymer added into the mix, which would drastically alter the efficiency, especially its reaction with UV.  (Cell structures and carbons alter with materials being reheated/re-cycled and the effect is detrimental to the overall performance). 

Thus, WovenVeranda outdoor furniture is far more sustainable with its extreme lifespan compared to any singular polymer or indeed, recycled combined polymer.

WovenVeranda furniture can withstand varying temperatures and High UV Rays!

Synthetic Wicker Furniture Colours:

Top:  WhiteGrey (5mm)

Middle: Light XO (5mm)

Bottom: XO (5mm)

Natural Wicker Furniture:

Grown for specific purpose, this cane is woven upon natural rattan tube framing. The look of Yester-Year combined with Today! This wicker furniture is only suitable for indoor use. Being a natural fibre source, there can be some variation with the finished product. Accompanying cushions have a cream “Duck Cloth” 100% Cotton covering  with zips for removal


Aluminium framing supports the synthetic wicker which is held in place with stainless steel staples and screws. There is an additional framing structure and casing through all seating areas; as well as extra “Feet” under the Sofa’s middle sections. All of these strengthening processes are put in place whilst optimising the UV Stabilised, Solid Core Cane for enhanced strength …. some of our wicker furniture is utilised within commercial hospitality facilities. Feel confident with your choice!


Cushions have been individually designed to accompany each style within our range.
The inners are individually hand-crafted providing years long comfort with practical fabric covering. All come with zips for removal if necessary.

Left - DS - Light Grey/Beige - Fresh but still invitingly warm

Right - S -10 - Grey/Charcoal  - Very smart and forgiving


SunnyGuard Outdoor Fabric:

Fabrics available for the All Weather furniture range come from the SunnyGuard 'Seminyak' range. Stain and UV protected (Weather/Abrasion Resistant)
These two cleverly compiled colour fabrics complement each style and colour wicker perfectly. Making it a difficult personal choice, but also an easy one - for which ever you chose …you KNOW it will look great!
DS - Light Grey/Beige - Fresh but still invitingly warm S -10 - Grey/Charcoal - Very smart and forgiving

Relaxing OUTDOOR Chairs and Sofa’s:

Offering different styles, utilising varied back rest measurements to suite both the “Look” you desire and performance in comfort!

These are cleverly designed with a concave area around the lower leg/feet, accommodating natural body movement whilst sitting at a table. When leaning forward to eat, there is a natural shift and movement of feet as they gently glide backwards toward the chair. This smart design allows comfort for hours, allowing you to stay at the table for the whole evening if you don’t wish to alter your setting.


Dining Tables and Coffee Tables:

We are proud to only utilise CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE TEAK for all our wooden products (including the feet/legs of some suite collection styles).

Our Teak is Plantation Teak, and has a rustic recycled appearance. Due to the nature of wood, all tables are very slightly different. 

We recommend that the Teak once purchased receives the application of a Natural Oil for nourishment and protection.  We have received great results utilising "Cabots Natural Decking Oil."  It is a naturally pigmented and fast drying oil.  (We DO NOT recommend stain or varnish containing products!)

Solid Teak Tables come in varying length and width measurements, providing a stylish mix of textures to compliment your wicker dining chairs.

Wicker Tables with Tempered Glass Tops deliver practicality and style in both circular and rectangular shapes.

Coffee Tables:

Solid Teak that will flatter any furniture from our range.
Wicker, with Solid Teak Top combinations that can match the style of your chosen range, both in wicker design and colour.
Wicker Ottomans … doubling as both a Coffee Table with a Tempered Glass Top and a large comfortable Cushion Upper … providing that extra seat when more friends than you expected come to visit!