Woven Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor Living in New Zealand.

WovenVeranda is now based in Waikuku within the Old School Collective, as part of the social boutique destination. Find us at 1429 Main North Road, North Canterbury. 

Come and visit our showroom, or peruse the website and please contact us to ask any questions!

Lisa is originally from Epping Forest, U.K. &
Guy from Darfield, 5th generation family farming

WovenVeranda Imports a stylish Scandinavian range of Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Furniture
Made with natural and synthetic wicker - Relaxing Suites to Dining Settings
Woven with time honoured weaving techniques
Ideal for your garden, verandas, decks and indoor conservatory rooms

This beautiful Scandinavian designed furniture performs with comfort, durability and affordability. The Synthetic Solid Core Cane is UV Stabilised and woven upon aluminium framing whilst the Original Cane Plant is woven upon a Rattan frame.

We are environmentally conscious and proud to say all wood utilised within our furniture is Certified Sustainable!

We both have an interest for complete quality of product whilst maintaining value for money.
The key - to offer variety but reflect people’s choice of style:
Traditional, Classical, Modern, and Contemporary. 

The Scandinavian Designed furniture is manufactured in Cirebon, Indonesia where the heritage of weaving has been passed down from generation to generation. This time trusted skill is proven through history … looking great and long lasting … with new modern materials … it can outlive us!

By utilising Natural and Synthetic materials … there truly is something for everyone.

Please See OUR PRODUCT and POINTS of DIFFERENCE for details:

Come and visit our indoor showroom.

We’d love to meet you and assist with your outdoor furniture design!
Call for an appointment or for any further information. We’re here to help you!

Our Points of Difference:

All WovenVeranda product is Solid Core Cane:
This optimises, Strength, Stability, and Durability!
(Many items of furniture available on the market are only half cane, where the woven strands have been sliced and appear as a ribbon or tape on the non-visible side).

Outdoor Furniture:

Commercial Quality Aluminium Framing / Stainless Steel Screws and Staples / UV Stabilised Synthetic Wicker
    Additional support is structured through the seating area as well as the provision of extra legs/feet through the centre of our Sofa Seating.
      We sell individual items …. You don’t have to buy a suite! We acknowledge that everyone’s requirements vary and choice for configuration of seating is a personal selection.

        We care about your choice of furniture: We would love to help you decorate your specific area and enjoy helping you make the right decision for You! Like the look of your product from the front, sides, and back view.

        An important point: Many people like to re-arrange the positioning of Outdoor Furniture, consequently approaching from a different angle … So, ensure you like the visual lines! 

        Personalise your choice: From our Style Collection, Wicker Colour and selection of Cushion Fabric - You are not limited to what we have in stock!

        We have a fantastic relationship with our manufacturer and you can personalise your order!

        We WANT you to be happy with your decision from every perspective.
        We care about the environment and all utilised wood is Certified Sustainable Teak.