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How to choose your outdoor wicker furniture

How to choose your outdoor wicker furniture

As the cooler weather gives way to warmer days, now is the time to get your deck or patio summer ready with quality outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture and the associated accessories are all the rage now, with many lifestyle magazines highlighting their timeless elegance that can be enjoyed for years to come. While there is an abundance of designs, colours and matching sets to choose from – how do you make sure you get the right outdoor furniture for you and your garden or deck? 


Three factors can help you decide what materials you should opt for. The weather, the amount of care the furniture needs and how it looks. Wood is a popular choice for outdoor garden furniture due to its robustness and natural look and feel. WovenVeranda has a selection of high quality, solid wooden tables to accompany any outdoor set-up. How about this delightful solid teak coffee table, it has a smooth to the touch ‘natural appearance finish’ and the dense, chunky looking table sits stylishly with all WovenVeranda furniture adding another dimension and texture to your outdoor setting. 

The beauty of our all-weather wicker outdoor furniture has been written about before (link to the previous blog) however, it’s this resilience and durability that make it an excellent choice for low maintenance ‘leave-it-in-your-garden-all-year-round’ kind of outdoor furniture. Once you have settled on which style of furniture, knowing how and where you will place it will help you determine what type and collection to get. 

Where to place your outdoor furniture?

Will your furniture be placed on a deck, exposed to the elements or undercover? Maybe it is resting on soft grass or in an exposed windy area. All these types of questions will help determine what type of furniture, which materials and what style, shape and size you may need. Wood is obviously durable and our fully sustainable Solid Teak Tables (available in various sizes) are very heavy and a classy statement … we do recommend a natural oil to be applied to help against “weathering”.  As we know – WovenVeranda All-Weather Wicker is just that … and can cope with all NZ can throw at it! 


What is the main function of the outdoor furniture?

It may be stating the obvious, but you do have to consider what primarily do you want your outdoor furniture for. Is it for entertaining or dining? Maybe it’s for early morning coffees or afternoon siestas. Focus on its primary use so that you get the most use and enjoyment from your piece. We have a wide selection of styles and types of outdoor furniture to accommodate all needs and wants. Our two or three-seater sofas are divine for relaxing. Indulge and have afternoon cocktails or serve tapas lunch on them with our accompanying coffee tables such as the Murchison coffee table


Invest in quality

We cannot stress this enough, especially in today’s throwaway society. Buy quality, buy once. Outdoor furniture by its very nature is subjected to all sorts of wear, tear and weathering so the quality is paramount if you want it to last for many years to come. All WovenVeranda products are built to the utmost specification and quality to ensure your investment lasts as long as you. 

We have a wide variety of quality outdoor wicker furniture to suit all budgets and tastes. Please take a full look at our range here or get in touch for a viewing by appointment in our showroom in Ohoka, Christchurch– we are only too happy to help you find your perfect piece of outdoor furniture this season  - 03 423 3133